Different Types of Computer Games

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Different Types of Computer Games

Role-Playing Games (RPGs):
These type of games immerse players in a fictional setting wherein they control a character and must advance through the game through social interaction with non-playable characters (NPCs), decision making that can change the outcome of the game and player advancement such as skill trees and levelling up. These games can be split into two groups, single player RPGs such as Skyrim, Fallout and Mass Effect where the character interacts with the NPCs in the world and defeats enemies and completes missions to advance their character in the game world and Multiplayer RPGs such as MMORPGs like Dungeon and Dragons, World of Warcraft and Guild Wars wherein the player does much of the same as in a single player RPG but often does these activities with other players that are present in the game world and this allows players to better strategize by giving different players different roles. However, in a MMORPG each individual player has less of an impact of how the games story turns out and doesn’t feel as immersive as some single player RPGs. Adventure Games:

Adventure games often involve the player assuming the role of protagonist in a story driven and puzzle solving type of game. Due to these games being heavily story driven it is difficult to make them multiplayer but it allows the producers and designers of the game to bring in a huge variety of literature making nearly all adventure games different and providing players with a new experience every time they get a new game of this genre. Combat is not the primary concern in this genre of games but some Adventure games still offer many aspects of combat that are present in RPGs in order to make the mechanics in the game still feel good as well as the story driven content. Adventure games, in most cases, lack the skill point management, action combat, and enemies that require the player to strategize in order to defeat them. Visual and audio...
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