Different Types of Case Managers

Topics: Management, Ethics, Sociology Pages: 2 (491 words) Published: July 30, 2012
Daily Question 1
There are various types of case managers serving many different populations.  Describe one specific type of case manager and explain the tasks they perform in their work setting.

One specific type of a case manager is a social work case manager they are usually in human service settings and other service delivery settings such as schools, health care facilities, hospitals and employee assistance programs. Social work case manager’s roles and responsibilities are different depending on what program or system objectives they are under. Social work case managers have different tasks that they relate to clients such as client-level intervention and system-level intervention. The tasks social work case managers perform in their work settings are in the following areas. Client-level intervention in this process they deal with the clients in a face to face assessment. They deal with the social, financial, and institutional resources that are available to the client. The sources mentioned can work only to relate the principal of the resources during the client’s assessment process. They have to make sure that there direct contact with clients has to be essential so they can effectively accomplish the assessment process and service plan development. System-level intervention in this task the case manager has to analyzes the strengths and limitations of environmental systems, delineates desired outcomes, selects strategies to improve systems, assesses the effectiveness of strategies and continues to revise as indicated to get the desire outcomes and strategies for that client.

Daily Question 2
Discuss the tenets of confidentiality as they apply to a case manager.  When is it legal and appropriate to share information and when is it not? 

Tenets of confidentiality applies to case managers because it is primarily an ethical concept it refers to the case managers obligation to respect the clients privacy and it is the promise of the case manager...
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