Different Therapies in Psychology

Topics: Psychology, Psychotherapy, Behaviorism Pages: 3 (763 words) Published: April 28, 2012
Psychological Therapies
Eclectic Approach → An approach to psychotherapy that uses techniques from various forms of therapy.Psychotherapy → Treatment involving psychological techniques, which consists of interactions between a trained therapist and patient.PsychoanalysisGoals and methods -Psychoanalysis → Created by Sigmund Freud. He believed that the patient’s free associations, resistances, dreams, and transferences (and the therapist’s interpretations of these things), released previously repressed feelings. This could then allow a patient to gain self-insight.

-Resistance → Blocking from consciousness of anxiety-laden material.

-Interpretation → Analyst’s noting supposed dream meanings, resistances, and any other note-worthy behavior that could lead to insight.

-Transference → Patient’s transfer to the analyst of emotions linked with other relationships.

Psychodynamic therapy
-Therapy that uses the viewing of individuals responding to unconscious forces and childhood experiences, and seeks to enhance self-insight. Humanistic therapies
-Insight Therapies → Therapies that aim to improve psychological functioning by increasing a client’s awareness of underlying motives and defenses.

-Client-Centered Therapy → A humanistic therapy created by Carl Rogers, which the therapist uses techniques like active listening in a genuine environment to facilitate a client’s growth. -Also known as person-centered therapy

-Active Listening → Empathetic listening, where the listener echoes, restates, and clarifies. This is a part of Carl Rogers’ Client-Centered Therapy.

-Unconditional Positive Regard → Caring, accepting, non-judgemental attitude. Carl Rogers believed would help clients develop self-awareness and self-acceptance. Behavior therapies
-A therapy focused on changing unwanted behavior
Classical conditioning
-Counterconditioning → Uses classical conditioning to develop a new response to a stimuli that causes unwanted behavior. This is done...
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