Different Styles of Sculpting

Topics: Sculpture, Renaissance, Donatello Pages: 2 (575 words) Published: November 7, 2005

What is sculpting? Sculpting is fashioning three-dimensional figures, busts or abstract pieces from stone, clay, wood, bronze or other material. For thousands of years man has been putting form into stone, wood, clay and metal. Many of these have survived over time and provided millions with great pleasure and historical reference. Two of the most popular sculptures that are recognized throughout the world are the statues of David. The subject that will be discussed in this paper is the two different styles of sculpting "David". The artists who did these are Danatello and Michelangelo. They were both well-respected Renaissance artists. These works are based on the biblical story of "David and Goliath", from the Old Testament.

Donatello created his "David" in 1434. This sculpture was carved out of marble then cast into bronze. The size of Donatello's "David" in only five feet two and one forth inches tall. Danatello had a boy model help him resulting in the portrayal of David in his youth. Donatello's "David" has a shiny, sleek look and one could say they can see their reflection in it.

Michelangelo created his sculpture sixty-seven years later. He also carved his from marble but did not cast it into bronze. Michelangelo's "David" is thirteen feet five inches tall and portrayed to be the age of eighteen to twenty two. He sculpted his "David" in marble because that was the medium he preferred and perfected. Many tried to sculpt that particular stone but none succeeded.

In comparing and contrasting both pieces I have noticed that Donatello's "David" is more of a warrior and Michelangelo's does not have that warrior look but rather that of a shepherd boy. Michelangelo's has an extremely muscular abdomen and chest and it seems as though he is flexing his muscles. Donatello's on the other hand is quite opposite by being more relaxed. Michelangelo's looks as though he is sizing up his opponent. David's hands...
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