Different Styles of Arguments Can Shape Our Past, Present, and Future

Topics: Argumentative, Arguments, Logic Pages: 2 (589 words) Published: November 20, 2006
Different styles of arguments can shape our past, present, and future. They represent our life styles and major influences that are in gained from being and ending of our lives. They are only a small part, but show a huge part of our charters. In a most resent argument with my boyfriend about his smoking habits. I will show my consensual style. Because I don't smoke and have been taught about the bad health influence on our bodies. I wanted him to quit. I plainly stated my reasons and objections reasonably. Hoping for at least a compromise and avoiding a major fight he agreed to start cutting back till he was able to stop all together. And in the process I agreed to be more supportive and patient with the understanding it will take time.

My typical style is consensual because of my need to avoid heated arguments and trying to end them positively on both sides. I feel better about myself and others around me. My style of argument is greatly influenced by my role models. The strongest role models in my life would have to be my parents. I have learned how to argue my points by watching them. My mom has more of a consensual style of argument. She is more of a peacemaker and tries to make sure everyone is happy with the decision in the end. My mom strongly believes in compromise. My dad also primarily uses consensual style of argument. My dad is very good with providing reasons to support his argument. They both try to get the other person to understand their position and get them to consider their point of view.

My ideal arguer is someone who is direct, some one stubborn to giving up their ideal but open enough to see the other side of the issue. This person won't give up to theory but rather the right facts. My arguer also sees the good and bad to every choice and makes decision based on that. Like this person I want to keep my individuality strong. I want to be considered an intimidating arguer only so my words hold more value then the ones I...
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