different seasons and how they influence our lives

Topics: Climate, Season, Northern Hemisphere Pages: 1 (327 words) Published: March 15, 2014
The beauty of nature is in its diversity. Nature has its own style of functioning. The different seasons are part of natural phenomena. There are four seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter. They occur because of earth’s revolution around the sun. They are characterized by differences in average temperature ang in the varying amount of sunshine. The changes in temperature and the length of the daylight that accompany different seasons greatly differ at different places. In the northern hemispheres, March marks the beginning of spring, which leads to summer in April and May. September marks the beginning of autumn, and which finally gives way to winter in October and November. The reverse is applicable in the southern hemisphere. Winter is the coldest and summer is the hottest everywhere. The seasons bring about changes in nature. Trees and plants begin to sprout and blossom in spring. Autumn is the season of harvesting. There are seasonal fruits and vegetables. Animals and birds have the practice of hibernation or migration in order to escape the severe winter. Long and frozen winters are responsible for seasonal affective disorders in some people. This is peculiar in Scandinavian countries. The Indian cycle of seasons includes three main phases: the cool dry winter from October to March; the hot – dry summer from April to June, and the southwest monsoon season of warm torrential rains from mid June to September. India’s shape, its unusual topography and geographical position give it a diverse climate. Most of India has a tropical or sub tropical climate. It is said that Indian agriculture is a gambling on climatic conditions. The northern plains have a greater temperature range, with cold winters and hot summers. The monsoon season is critical to India. Agriculture depends largely on the availability of the southwest and the northeast monsoons even though artificial sources of irrigation are commonly in use. The economy prospers when the monsoon is...
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