Different Parenting Styles

Topics: Parenting styles, Parenting, Concerted cultivation Pages: 3 (929 words) Published: December 12, 2010
There are many different ways of parenting children. Some are more favorable than others and some can even damage one’s emotional future, causing problems such as anxiety, unhappiness, and other low self-esteem issues. Although there are four distinct parenting styles, many parents are often somewhere in between a couple on the scale. My parents often took to the authoritative style, which is known currently as the most successful approach. The authoritative parent is involved in their child’s life and is accepting as well as sensitive to their needs. Sometimes, I could see my parents as being authoritarian, which is common because many parents find a kind of medium between these two styles. Unlike authoritative, the authoritarian parenting style is highly ineffective. However, there is a contrast of the severity of the authoritarian style. Authoritarian parents are portrayed as criticizing and bitter, often yelling, threatening, and habitually resorting to punishment instead of the warm guiding ways of the authoritative parent. The authoritarian side of my upbringing was often used by my father. Although spanking is commonly frowned upon, my dad used spanking as a way to show me right from wrong, and I believe that he used the punishment in the best way it could possibly be used. I was spanked when I brought bad grades home from school, when I showed bad behavior, and especially when I lied. This punishment was used, I think, in a way of encouragement to better myself. On the other hand, my mother was the one who used the authoritative style. She began using the technique when I got older and more mature, I believe, because I could understand another’s point of view. When I did something wrong against another person, my mom would sit me down and tell me why I was wrong and how the situation appeared to the other person. The effects of different parenting styles vary from family to family, but they are often very similar. As a child, I showed a lot of the...
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