Different methods for achieving civil rights

Topics: Martin Luther King, Jr., Nonviolence, Malcolm X Pages: 2 (459 words) Published: March 23, 2014
American History Sample Klausur: Outline05.03.2014

Thesis: The most effective strategy used by civil rights activists to achieve equality for African Americans was doubtlessly nonviolent protest as famously advocated by Martin Luther King, as opposed to aggressive confrontation or focus on economic gain.

Body Paragraph 1: Aggressive confrontation, the favored method of Malcolm X and his followers, was not an effective strategy, because it intimidated and consequently drew extensive resistance from the government and white civilians. 1. First, Malcolm X purposefully distanced himself from the mainstream by joining the Nation of Islam and changing his last name to x. This is not an effective diplomatic strategy. 2. As stated by Malcolm X in his speech, the aggressive march of African Americans towards Washington was defused by the government, because they were scared of the threat posed by these angry African Americans. 3. Lastly, Malcolm X's idea of a real revolution frightened many Americans, which lead them to oppose his way of fighting for civil rights.

Body Paragraph 2: Focusing on economic advancement of blacks, the strategy favored by Booker T. Washington, was also not a viable method, as it allowed a lack of political and civil rights for African Americans to continue. 1. Washington asked blacks to give up political power, civil rights and higher education, all three of which are things considered important to achieve success. 2. As stated by DuBois, this lead to civil inferiority and “disfranchisement” for blacks in the united states. 3. Additionally, blacks cannot, according to DuBois, prosper if they have no political rights, and lack of higher education makes even elementary school for blacks impossible, for lack of qualified black teachers.

Body Paragraph 3: The nonviolent movement for civil rights, culminating in the March on Washington in 1963, was by far the most effective method for achieving equality, as it enjoyed the...
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