Different Interpretations of Independencein the term 'Independence Day'

Topics: Discrimination, United States, Race and Ethnicity Pages: 2 (469 words) Published: October 16, 2010
With the celebration of Independence Day of our beloved country Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia [or any country you are living in] let us try to understand the true meaning of independence so that we may truly be an independent nation as independence has various definitions.Here are some of its interpretions for us to understand:

Racial independence according to politics means independence from other racial colonialisation. Our own race with the governing power to determine the path with freedom from manmade ideologies. God's system being used for the living system as God is the Creator,the entire Universe and all creations are His.

Economic independence means there is no individual or group monopolizing the economy with no discrimination, no barriers, no cruelty. There is even distribution of wealth among the people based on ability, affordability and needs.

Mental independence means there is freedom for everyone to voice out opinions and thoughts Without any fear or worries.Cultural independence means every race have their own identity, having the freedom to have their own the attires, social interactions in their everyday life according to their own style without any need to imitate external foreign cultures.Education independence means everyone is given equal opportunity to receive education. Everyone is encouraged to receive knowldege in various fields and those eligible for financial support are given the chance without any fear of discrimination or cronyism.

Religous independence means everyone given the freedom to practise their own faith and no one is allowed to belittle or hate one another on religous grounds. There is freedom of explanation in the search of the truth giving opportunity for everyone to have the true and clear faith as there is only one truth from God.

However, there is one very important form of independence which is frequently forgotten and yet it is the one determining the peace and harmony in one's life. More...
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