Different Education in China and Usa

Topics: Han Chinese, People's Republic of China, Psychology Pages: 2 (544 words) Published: October 28, 2008
The different education in China and America
China has more than 5000 years history and it affects the world history a lot. In Chinese his tory , the most effective one is the education. And the biggest difference of education between China and Western countried is that Chinese use the fixed base to creat but western countries use the creation to fill the base. I will say thing about the mind of Chinese. Chinese people always warship the Ru Theory. The root of this theory is “Generous”, which is the most affective one to the people in the Chinese history. In China, parents all wish their children have a good future. But the mind of western countries’ people is to let their children choose their own way. They never mind what kind of life style the children choose, as long as they think it is suitable for the children and can have some achievement. Because of the development of the society, not all the people can fit their work, so people need to discovery their advantages according to their development. There are many different education methods between China and America. First, about the home work. Chinese high school students always have a lot of homework,which may be the same kind of questions, to make more practice, so most of the time students spend more time on assignment, but in this way students can finish the exam quickly with high score. But I know in America, students do not have many homework and most of the homework need to discuss or to communicate with the others and to find the materials by themselves. It is hard to find what they want directly. They always play games after school and seldom consider about their studying. Second, about the spare time. In China students do not have much spare times, because almost every students have to attend additional classes after school. And most of them like to attend recreation class, such as piano class, art class, dancing class, it easy to find such kinds of class in China. Even some...
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