Different Cultures

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RE: Culture

In today’s multi-cultural society it is most likely that we all have or will interact with people from other cultures. The only aspect of interacting with people from other cultures that sometimes proves difficult for me is the issue of language and accents. For the most part I have no problems understanding most dialects’ yet there are some that are very difficult for me to understand so listen intently. If I know that I am meeting with a person from a culture and I am not familiar with their traditions, beliefs and greeting styles I study about the culture prior to our meeting. This has saved many real estate transactions for me in the past. The other aspect of muti-cultural meetings is the food. Sometimes it’s wonderful and other times it was an experience that I will never forget or want to repeat. Living in a multi-cultural society has created a diverse workforce, a larger circle of friends and in my opinion a better world. Interaction with people of different cultures clearly depicts that there are some differences yet we have more things in common. Around the world, people tend to describe others as more or less stable, outgoing, open, agreeable, and conscientious (John & Srivastava, 1999; McCrae & Costa, (1999). There are social norms and beliefs that cross all cultural boundaries making human kind have more in common than we have as differences. In conclusion, making others feel comfortable is important because that will be reciprocated and in turn create an understanding of cultural behavior, beliefs and religious preferences as we live together in our social world. We have more in common than we do differences. All cultures get angry, have problems with their children, have sad moments and the list goes on. . I enjoy the opportunity to learn how other cultures live and view life. Knowing and interacting with people from many backgrounds has greatly enlightened me and provided a powerful connection to other...
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