Different Culture

Topics: Culture, Poetry, Dream Pages: 1 (333 words) Published: March 31, 2011
In this essay I will be comparing the two poems from two different cultures, background and traditions. Search for my tongue and presents from my aunt in Pakistan are about identity (who they are) and searching for their roots. Presents from my aunt is about a mix race girl who describes the clothes and jewellery she has receive from her aunts in Pakistan. The girl contrasts the dazzling clothes and jewellery to the boring everyday English clothes. In both poems the message of the importance of identity is strongly developed as the poem goes on. In search for my tongue the writer portrays her theme of personal and cultural identity by the familiar metaphor of the tongue which is used in a novel way to show that losing one's language (and culture) is like losing part of one's body. The poet's dream may be something she has really dreamt “overnight” but is clearly also a “dream” in the sense of something she wants to happen - in dreams, if not in reality, it is possible for the body to change. For this reason the poem's ending is ambiguous - perhaps it is only in her dream that the poet can find her “mother tongue”. On the other hand, she may be arguing that even when she thinks she has lost it, it can be found again. At the end of the poem there is a striking extended metaphor in which the regenerating tongue is likened to a plant cut back to a stump, which grows and eventually buds, to become the flower which “blossoms out of” the poet's mouth. It is as if her mother tongue is exotic, spectacular or fragrant, as a flower might be. While on the other hand presents from my aunts in Pakistan illustrates the theme of mixed cultures by using material things. The Structure of both poems is completely different to each other but yet they still pass the same message.presents form my aunts
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