Different Classes in America

Topics: Social class, Working class Pages: 2 (666 words) Published: October 17, 2010
Michael Luna
Ms. Sundol
ENG 1301-71
24 Sep 2010

Class in America by Gregory Montsios

Gregory Montsios talks about the different classes we have in America and how Americans do not like to talk about it. Myth 1 talks about the United States being a classless society. I find that very hard to believe. It is a good thought but not true. You see poverty all around you. In San Antonio we have homeless people all over the city. You see them on street corners asking for money or work. We also see the working class going to their everyday jobs. This can include the upper class as well. I really do not pay intention to the wealthy people living in San Antonio. I cannot imagine how many millionaires we have living in San Antonio. What frustrates we is that the economy is taking its toll. We have people in the lower and middle class who work very hard but can’t even get a raise due to the economy being so bad. The cost of living keeps going up but our paychecks stay the same. Myth 2 states we are a middle class nation. Maybe that was a true statement 30 or 40 years ago, but not in 2010. It really feels like we do not even have a middle class. You are either rich or poor in today’s economy. People barely making it or living large. I know I am not living large. I really like the statement Montsios makes “ America has the best dressed poverty the world has ever known”. Myth 3 states “We are all getting richer”. I want to know who we are? It feels as a whole we are just getting by from year to year. Then again, I am not wealthy. I am curious on what their thoughts are about the economy? We do have Americans getting richer like Actors, Sports figures, Politian’s, Lawyers and Doctors. These are just some examples I came up with. But to say all Americans are getting richer is ridiculous. I feel as Americans we are all getting poorer. Myth 4 states “Everyone has a chance to succeed in America”. I really feel that this is a true statement. Does everyone succeed in America?...
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