Differences of the book and the movie of The Hunger Games

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Differences of the book and the movie THE HUNGER GAMES
In the novel, Katniss receives mokingjay Undersee Madge, the mayor's daughter. In the film, as she sells what hunt, see the mockingjay and takes it to Prim, who returns after harvest. Madge never seen in the film. In the novel, Prim has blue eyes, like Peeta. In the film both have brown eyes. In the book Katniss is short for being malnourished, whereas in the movie she is a bit high. In the book, Katniss is visited by Peeta's father after her mother and Prim go. In the movie, never leaves Mr. Mellark. The scene with Katniss and Peeta on the roof of the training center, where Peeta tells Katniss how you want to show everyone that he is not just a piece in their games, in the film, this scene takes place near the window your attic. Team District 12 rarely appears on the train. Dress for the interview Katniss is supposed to jewelry is covered; making it look like it was on fire if only light hitting the glass. In the movie, her dress is a little fire synthesized that is activated only when spinning. Katniss does not mention his love for the lamb stew of the Capitol. Haymitch appear until the train scene. In the novel, appears in the harvest. In the novel, the girl tribute from District 4 dies with Glimmer for the tracker jacker attack. In the film, one sees Glimmer from the dead by the tracker jacker. In the film, Marvel kills Katniss shooting an arrow in the abdomen after it kills Rue. In the novel, Katniss kills shooting an arrow in the neck. When District 11 Katniss sees what you did for Rue sent bread, which she identified by Peeta had taught them apart. The film is not shown. After Katniss blows up the pyramid of supplies that professionals had created, there is a strange sound for the viewer and shows that she cannot hear for a moment, but then the audience back to normal. There is nothing to indicate that she lost hearing in her left ear, unlike the book. The film is not that Katniss...
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