Differences in a Traditional Class and an Online Course.

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Melissa Booker

Mrs. Duncan

English 101

June 24, 2013

Differences in a traditional class and an online course

Although the concept of learning a subject in a traditional class and an online course are

the same, they differ in many ways. Both have a goal for students to learn from the information

given to them, but their techniques for teaching that information are not at all alike. With a

traditional class, students are able to work one on one with the teacher, whereas with an online

course students have to take a more independent approach to learning. Students who take a

traditional class get to listen to the instructor lecture in the classroom instead of reading the

material on their own for an online course. Some students have a harder time learning the

information on their own, which makes their grades fall. Instead, they need help from a teacher

in the classroom so they can ask questions. Even though a traditional class and an online course

teach students through the same material; their lecture style, delivery of assignments, and overall

learning experience are very different.

The lecture style of a traditional class varies from that of an online course. Typically in a

traditional classroom, like my Anatomy and Physiology class, the teacher will lecture in front of

the students while they follow along in their textbooks. This style of lecturing allows the students

to ask questions when they come across some information they don’t understand. However, in an

online course, students have to read the material on their own and they may not have a video or

audio lecture to follow along with. Some students find this way harder to understand the

material. They would rather sit in a classroom and have the instructor explain the text from the

book. Others like the leisure of being able to read and study the material on their own wherever

they would like. This allows them to maintain a busy lifestyle, instead of having to arrange their

schedule to fit a traditional classroom time. Nevertheless, the lecture styles of a traditional and

online class complete the same purpose, although they are given in separate ways.

A traditional class and online course have totally different ways of delivering

assignments. A traditional classroom teacher assigns work to be turned in while students are in

the classroom. Then it is typically graded and the teacher will go over the missed questions in

class so the student can ask questions if they would like. On the contrary, in an online course

students are asked to turn in assignments via the internet. Grades are then posted and students

usually have to go over the work they missed on their own. This doesn’t give the students the

opportunity to get help from the instructor if they don’t quite understand the material. This is

also the case with quizzes. Traditional classroom quizzes are taken in class unlike my English

101 class quizzes which are taken online. The quizzes are completed at home and given through

a web program called MyCompLab. The assignments and quizzes are based on the same text

despite a completely different process of completing them.

The overall learning experience of a traditional class and that of an online course can

affect a student in different ways. Many students need face to face input of an instructor while in

a traditional classroom to be able to learn and apply the knowledge to make a good grade. If they

don’t have that, they end up failing the class. On the other hand, students who take an online

course have to learn how to manage their time...
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