Differences in Socioeconomic Status

Topics: Sociology, Trousers, Modesty Pages: 1 (350 words) Published: January 10, 2012
Three social factors that most impact the scenario are social stratification, socioeconomic status, and class differences. Social stratification ranks individuals and families on the basis of their income, education, occupation, wealth, and power in society. This social stratification can be seem in the eighth grade boys that showed up at the Valentine’s Day dance with the rented tuxes that their parents had agreed to and paid for. These parents are mentioned to be among the more affluent in the community. Socioeconomic status is determined by a family’s income and wealth. This is demonstrated in the students that did not have the money to rent the tuxedos and the rumored limo. These students being from a different socioeconomic background and could not afford the expensive attire. Class differences are demonstrated because of some students wanting to boycott the dance because they were told only the nerds and the geeks would show up in anything less of a tux or formal dress. Their parents do not have extra money to spend on such elaborate things. The other students express behaviors and dress standards far from what the school has seen before. A variable solution to the Differences in Socioeconomic Status scenario would be for the school administration to intervene the situation. They could decide to make it mandatory that only a certain type of dress will be considered acceptable for the Valentine’s Day dance. They could change it to where all students would be able to afford the required attire. This way all students would feel equal. Also the kids that wanted to rent the limo would probably change their mind because of it not being such a formal event. It would seem sort of silly to rent a limo for a casual Valentine’s Day dance. This issue of what attire should be addressed in a school assembly to let all students know of the dress code for the dance. This way it will not be such an issue in the years to come afterwards. Students will already know what to...
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