Differences in Conversational Styles

Topics: Conversation Pages: 1 (514 words) Published: October 22, 2014

Forries Hunt
Prof. Quarrell
English 101
14 October 2014
Difference in Conversational Styles
While observing conversations between women and then men, I was able to notice differences in the conversational styles, as pointed out by Debra Tannen in her essay “Sex, Lies and Conversation: Why Is It So Hard for Men and Women to Talk to Each Other?” After having read her essay, it was hard not for me to notice the differences in relation to men vs. women in the midst of conversing. In my observance of the female interaction I took notice to how it was very intimate in nature. From the gazes placed on each other’s faces and directly into the eyes of the person being spoken to. The women engaged in talks were very sympathetic and empathetic in tone. I also saw that they were very physical with each other, in that there was a lot touching as they spoke. It seemed to me that they conveyed emotional substance to each other, as well as empathy or sympathy, depending on what was being talked about. I also noticed how the women were all over the place in what was being talked about, and yet it all seemed to be about relational situations. While the majority of what was being talked about was directed toward men, there was occasional reference to other women in regards to interactive relation; direct and indirect. When it came to my observation men in conversation, it was very direct and to the point. They spoke about a certain topic fully devoted to that topic until it was obvious to me that they had drawn it to a conclusion. As I listened, and watched inconspicuously, I noticed that the body language of men was totally different. The men only occasionally looked or glanced in each other’s direction. At a glance, you might have thought that one wasn’t paying attention to the other, but such was not the case. When the time to speak was handed over, the other person conversing had followed everything that was being said even though it appeared that he paid no...
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