Differences in American Colonies

Topics: United States, Thirteen Colonies, American Revolution Pages: 2 (427 words) Published: December 19, 2006
The Thirteen Colonies of America were all founded by England in the 17th century. However, the origins, beliefs, economies and governments of these colonies are as varied and diverse as America itself. The Northern Colonies of New England and the Southern Colonies were the most prolific of the New World and were very different in most cases.

The New England colonies to the north and the southern colonies were vastly different in their economies. The New England colonies' colder climate and low soil fertility made farming in these colonies a struggle. They did however have the advantage in that the coasts of New England were some of the most fertile fishing locations in existence. This led the New England colonies to whaling and fishing. The southern colonies were vastly different. Unlike the northern colonies, they had a warm climate and rich, fertile soil, perfect for farming many kinds of crops, especially cotton. However, this called for a need in cheap labor, which resulted in the slave trade.

All colonies were similar in that all were influenced little by their mother country, England. The New England colonies had the most pure form of true democracy as each town would hold meetings in which every citizen voted upon. The government in the south was largely aristocratic, with the largest plantation owners holding most of the political power. With the exception of Georgia, which was granted by the King to a group of trustees, all colonies were self-governed until the Navigation Acts were emplaced, which eventually led to the American Revolution and the confederacy of the colonies.

The New England colonies were founded by Puritans escaping religious persecution in England. Ironically, The Puritans were extremely prejudice of other religions. They exiled anyone who did not share their beliefs, including Roger William, who then founded the colony of Rhode Island. In the south, because of the mass amount of labor, slaves were common...
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