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Differences Between Vietnamese and American Teenagers

By MEWcon May 02, 2013 370 Words
Differences between Vietnamese Teenagers and American Teenagers

The three differences between Vietnamese teenagers and American teenagers are freedom, living style, and education. The first difference between Vietnamese teenagers and American teenagers are freedom. For Vietnamese teenagers, their freedom is limited. Most of Vietnamese teenagers do not have permit to hang out with their friends at night, or they have to come home before 9 pm. They are not allowed to have boyfriend or girlfriend. Vietnamese teenagers also do not have freedom to choose their careers. They have to follow their parents’ direction. In another hand, American teenagers have more freedom. They can hang out with their friends at night, and they can sleep in their friends’ house over night too. Moreover, American teenagers are not prohibited to have boyfriend or girlfriend. They also have a right to choose their major as they like. For example, many Vietnamese teenagers have to study Business, Doctor, or Engineering major because their parents want them to be professional. However, American teenager can choose Art major if they want. Another difference between Vietnamese teenagers and American teenagers are living style. Vietnamese teenagers live dependently in their parents. They do not move out their house until they get marry. Most of Vietnamese teenagers do not go to work to make money. They ask their parents to support for them. In contrast, American teenagers have a different living style with Vietnamese teenagers. American teenagers are more independent. Some American teenagers move out their house when they are eighteen. Some American teenagers work in part-time job to make money, and take care of themselves. For example, following to Vietnamese tradition, my sister and I live with our parents, while my American friend had moved out and begun her independent life. Education is the last difference between Vietnamese teenagers and American teenagers. For Vietnamese teenagers, they always choose to go to college or high school after they graduate from high school. However, American teenagers’ opinion about education is different. Haft of American teenagers decide to continue their education after they finish high school, but some of them choose to stop their education and begin to work. In sum, Vietnamese teenagers and American teenagers have many different points.

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