Differences Between Vietnam And America

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Differences in the Educational System of Vietnam and America
What is the difference between the education in of Vietnam and that in America? Nowadays, society has been modernized in so many ways; therefore, the demand for higher education is very strong. The educational priority is not only in developed countries like America, but also for a developing country like Vietnam. The differences between American education and Vietnamese education are the learning environment, teaching methods, and students' learning methods.
First, the difference between American education and Vietnam is the learning environment which is very relaxed and flexible in the United States. Furthermore, classrooms are full of modern teaching facilities such as...

Americans uphold the spirit of self-discipline as well as an initiative in one’s learning. Teachers do not just lecture, but use approaches to make class interesting; for example, the use of slides to make for easier interest and understanding, and easier to remember what was presented in class. In the US, the teacher encourages students to explore, discuss, and take notes on the subject-content that is based on the ability of the student. The level of interaction between the teachers and students is high. The students feel free in the classroom, and they can air their opinions concerning different matters. In contrast, teachers in Vietnam usually apply the lecture method when teaching without encouraging the students to take notes. Therefore, the level of interaction between the teachers and students is low. Teachers rarely interact with the students and his students do not feel free to question the teachers. They do not air their opinions freely. In Vietnam, critical thinking is not encouraged by the teacher, nor do the students do much research since they do not have the means of doing so. However, in America, teachers encourage students to apply critical thinking in different disciplines and to conduct their own research on different...

Self-learning in the United States is the main method for students who need to prepare the lesson beforehand. If they have a problem or need help with the lesson, they can ask their teacher for help. In Vietnam, students don't refresh their minds and brainstorm for what they learn. They think less on their own and depend more on what the teacher says. Vietnamese students who study independently usually have a lower academic performance, while students who work in groups achieve more. Another help to learning in America is the student participation in activities outside the classroom. These include field trips and social activities, engaging in different games and sports, journalism, music, and other such activities. In Vietnam, very few students take part in extra-curricular activities or other social opportunities outside the...
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