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By anthonymags Mar 22, 2015 605 Words
Anthony Magnotta

The movie, “The Great Gatsby”, begins with Nick Carraway (main character) working with a doctor to recover from his health after troubles with alcohol. Nick also confesses the events leading up to Jay Gatsby’s death. Also, Jordan Baker’s entire storyline is sped up and her unlikely romance with Nick is cut out throughout the movie. In the book, the two have a casual affection for each other, especially as Jordan is shown to be dishonest. Furthermore, While Fitzgerald’s book always feels very much an outcome of a particular time period, the movie always seemed as if it was one grand costume party, very modern and full of rap music. The Great Gatsby novel and movie differs in many ways. Firstly, it is recognized that Nick is narrating the story in the novel but he is not narrating from a sanitarium. In the film, Nick is writing from a hospital, where he's checked himself into following his summer with Gatsby. He is diagnosed as a "morbid alcoholic.” Although Nick Carraway is a viscous drinker, he had never checked himself into a hospital during the novel. Throughout the story everyone is portrayed as a heavy drinker not just Nick. This is one of the main differences between the novel and the movie, “ The Great Gatsby.” Second, Jordan Bakers character throughout the book is dissimilar compared to how her character is portrayed in the movie. Though this in it doesn’t mean much, Jordan’s entire storyline is sped up and her unlikely romance with Nick is cut out for the sake of time. Nick is so caught up with Gatsby and his shenanigans that there was no time for Jordan and Nick to express their romance. In the book, the two only never seem to have a casual affection for each another; especially as Jordan is displayed to be deceitful, but in the film, she’s a blank canvass we never get to know all that much about. Nick and Jordan’s relationship should have played a greater role film because it is a colossal part of the book. Ultimately, their relationship is a bit more complicated in the novel. Thirdly, modernization, music and parties throughout the movie did not depict the “roaring 20’s” as it is defined. The music soundtrack featured ack White, Jay-Z,, Beyoncé, and Fergie, appeared during enigmatic millionaire Jay Gatsby's lavish parties. The music was a terrible demonstration of what the “roaring twenties” was like. The music had also modernized the movie, which took away the “classiness” aspect from the movie. The music should have suited the time period. Songs such as, “Swanee” by Al Jolson, “West End Blues” by Louis Armstrong, and “Rhapsody In Blue” by Paul Whiteman would have been more suitable for that time period, because they were extremely widespread throughout the “1920’s.” Also, the parties throughout the movie were exactly the opposite of how parties were defined in the book. In the novel, people who appeared at Gatsby’s parties were described as classy, rich, and wild individuals. The movie only demonstrates the guests as rambunctious and prosperous, not classy. Guests in the movie were dressed in tacky, outgoing costumes, while in the book men dressed in lavish Italian suits and women outfitted in expensive, gorgeous-looking dresses. In conclusion, The Great Gatsby novel and movie differs in many ways. Nick narrating the story from a sanitarium, Jordan and Nick’s relationship, and modernization were all features of the movie that are different from the book. The book was more accurate in depicting the setting for the 1920’s while the movie was inaccurate.

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