Differences Between Social Class And Macro-Sociology

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Macro-sociology focuses on the large scale social forces and the effects they have on entire societies. On the other hand, the micro-sociology focuses on the social interaction, the face to face social interaction of an individual. In the situation of a student getting kicked out of college due to bad grades, the macro sociologist might looks at broader scale such as social structure such as culture, social class, social status, roles, groups, and social institutions. For example, macro sociologist compares the rate of kick out in different school to understand the conditions that affect the students in getting poor grades. Different social class and social institutions may lead to poor grade. For instance, the students of working class may need to study and work at the same time in order to support themselves. At the result, they have less time to study. …show more content…
Micro sociologist might looks at the causes and outcomes of the student that getting kicked out. The causes of a student is getting poor grades might be because a student is distanced himself or herself. A student does not getting help from classmates or professor when he or she is getting trouble in understanding the materials. As the result, the student is getting lower grade. Micro sociologist see what is the impression of people when they know this kicked out student. Both perspectives are important because each perspective focuses on different aspects and levels of the human experience. Therefore, both macro sociology and micro sociology are necessary to understand the social

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