Differences Between Self-Support Logistics and the Third-Party Logistics

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Differences between Self-support Logistics and the Third-party Logistics

——Report on the supply chain of CoCo-tea and Li’s Soya-bean Milk Shop

Overview of the two shops
CoCo Fresh Tea& Juice
CoCo Fresh Tea& Juice was born in 1997 on the shores of Tamsui, a picturesque coastal town sitting on the edge of the great Taipei metropolis. Driven by a passion to serve drinks of the highest quality and incomparable variety of the urbanites of our new age, the founders of CoCo set out to create a brand that was to become a symbol of flavor, sophistication and delicacy. Now, it has more than 800 stores world-wide, including Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, New York, and South East Asia. In China, despite the fierce competition, it has established itself as the biggest player in the industry, eclipsing many who fail to match our standards and its uncompromising commitment to quality, service and strict hygiene control. It continues to strive for the best and to bring its drinks to evermore foreign shores. CoCo boasts a dedicated in-house R&D team who continues to discover new fresh ingredients and create a new range of flavors. Standpoint in settling new sipping style, CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice is cooler than cool, and will ice the competition. It is because it's delicious best brand beverage brews become better with each guy. Cause its cause is constructed of capturing consumer curiosity, cultivating creative tea concoctions cooler by the cup. Each fabulously fly flavor will leave you finding yourself fantasizing for the next. All attributed to our absolute avowal on traditional tea, creative tea, for all ages around the world spirit! Li's Soya-bean Milk Shop

Li's Soya-bean Milk Shop was started in 2010, established at Shanghai Songjiang University Town. At first, Li's Soya-bean Milk Shop was just an extremely small store including only one member, The founder of Li's Soya-bean Milk Shop. With the cheap price and delicious taste, Li's Soya-bean Milk Shop became popular among the students of Songjiang University Town, especially the students of Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade. Now, Li's Soya-bean Milk Shop has become a middle-sized store, with five employees. Every morning, students crowded in Li's Soya-bean Milk Shop are merely to buy a cup of soya-bean milk. One who wants to purchase a cup of soya-bean milk may have to wait for more than 10 minutes. In addition, the sorts of soya-bean milk have developed for more than 10 types from 1 type at first. Although it doesn't have professional R&D team, the founder of it will also give out many new type of soya-bean milk to meet the needs of consumers. "We have planned to develop more branches in Songjiang University Town these years." The founder Li said, "Also, I want to have my own brand to sell soya-bean milk all over the world in the future." As the founder Li planned, at the end of 2012, the second branch of Li's soya-bean Milk Shop will open in the other end of Wenhui Road, near Shanghai University of Engineering. Meanwhile, the outgoing service will be available for every region in Songjiang University Town. The founder Li promised that quality is the first thing which they have been taking into consideration. The soya-bean Milk is 100% made by soya-bean with sugar and water, so the nutrition can be reserved perfectly.

Comparison in the process of supply chain
As introduced before, CoCo-tea Company insists to offer customers drinks in high quality. It also insists the tastes in different retail shops should be alike. We know that there are a lot of CoCo-tea retail shops here in Shanghai, so it is difficult to solve the problem that how to keep drinks made in every shop in the same delicious taste. But we find that the tastes of drinks in those shops are almost the same and in a high quality as well. We believe this must owe to the company's business pattern. As introduced before, CoCo-tea Company adopts franchise operators. The operators of...
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