Differences Between Oc & Od

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Differences Between Organization Change & Development
By JANE IWENOFU, eHow Contributor
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Like people, organizations change and develop over time.
As they grow and evolve, organizations undergo a series of changes throughout their life cycle. These changes create the need for a well planned development process. To understand the differences between organizational change and development, it is important to know the meaning of each term and to conceptualize the relationship between the two. Other People Are Reading

* Difference Between Employee Development & Organizational Development * Organizational Change & Development
1. Organizational Change
* Factors such as improvements in technology, the need for business diversification and expansion are all examples of driving forces of change in organizations. These factors contribute to the onset of organizational development by pushing business leaders and managers to take certain actions which will lead to the desired outcome. There are several types of organizational change. Some changes are planned and driven by innovative thinking, while others are unplanned. Sometimes change in an organization can affect the whole entity, and at other times it can have a direct impact on only one segment of the business structure. When an organization experiences change, it re-invents its overall strategy for success, and adds or removes certain components in its current style of operations. 2. Organizational Development

* Business development is defined as "a planned organization-wide effort to increase an organization's effectiveness and viability," according to Noetic Outcomes Consulting. One of the most widely known means of implementing organization development is enterprise master planning. This process allows an organization to choose the best business solution out of a multitude of alternatives or options....
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