Differences Between Native Americans And Europeans

In 1450, North America and Europe were each home to complex societies with their own distinctive cultures. (Textbook, pg.2) Native Americans and Europeans were similar in many ways, though still having differences among themselves; their distinctive ideas on gods and the spirit world informed their political systems and animated their approaches to trade and warfare. (Textbook, pg.2) Horticulture societies allowed for a more sedentary lifestyle, which in turn led to greater social, political, and religious development. (Farless, lecture 1.11)
Before the arrival of the Europeans, most Native Americans believed and claim the Americas as their own. Native Americans’ economic and social system were adapted to the ecosystems they inhabited. Most
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(Henretta, pg.75) European figured it would be easier to befriend the Native Americans, instead of killing and going to war, because the Native American were seen as weak and not advance in technology and weapons in the eyes of the European. (Henretta, pg.7) With European people thinking they could just enter the Americas and take over, they did bring goods to the table. The European people brought over live stock, like horses, and other types of spices and grain that the Native American people had never encountered. The Europeans traded valued products to be on good terms with the Natives, even when the Native products weren’t equal in value. (Henretta, pg.53) The Europeans even coerced the Natives into learning and practicing their customs. (Henretta, pg.7) The European where taking advantage of the natives, by taking their land and also forcing them to move westward, upsetting many in the process, the Native Americans had enough. European conquered and coopted Native American empires with relative ease, but smaller and more decentralization polities were harder to exploit. Mobile hunters-gatherers appeared politically amorphous, but they became especially formidable opponents of colonial expansion. (Textbook, pg.2) European colonization triggered a series of sweeping changes in history. The Columbian Exchange …show more content…
There different perspectives of land use, religion, and gender complicate these encounters and relationships. Both the Native Americans and the Europeans exchanged things with each other’s for mutual benefit, especially privileges granted by one country or organization to

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