Differences between Japan and American

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1. Introduction
With the development of globalization, the commercial activities between East and West has become one of the major lifeline almost dominated the world economy. Its representation can be attributed to the Japanese and U.S. economic and trade. As is well known, the United States is the superpower of the world, not only in military but also in economic. Japan is a small country, while considering the contribution to the world economic Japan still is a big country. So trade exchanges and business negotiations between these two countries is a systematic project because of different national culture, beliefs, values and norms. All of these differences may lead to some unpredictable issues in commercial activities if both side do not clearly know the difference. Japan is a typical oriental culture nurtured the country, while the United States is a combination of Western civilization itself nurtured the development of the United States set their own unique culture. These two contradictory business negotiations and cultural differences between countries and thus caused inconvenience to bring the negotiation process was affecting each other. Therefore, this progress report is going to discuss the differences between Japan and American, and try to give some suggested recommendations aimed to solve the problems in commercial activates. 2. Differences between Japan and American

2.1 national culture difference
As is known, Japan is an island country, ancient time was influenced by Chinese Confucian thought, formed a national unique isolation from outside environment. In the face of external human isolation, a self-defence will become more and more obvious and sensitive. It is in this case that they need to use a polite but not offend traditional methods of others to communicate with people. However, American history, it was only a few hundred years, but as one of the world's largest nation of immigrants, including the formation of the cultural history of the United States can be traced to the history of the West. The original owner or the United States is the ruler over the Westerners from Europe. Facing of such a huge development space, they form a rich cultural patterns of young passion. These two different national culture were caused by history issues and may remain for a long period in the future. The emergence of conflicts is inevitable, and reverse this way of thinking is also unavoidable in different culture come together. The difference will be introduced in detail in the final report. 2.2 communication and negotiation style differences

These two countries have totally reverse styles in communication and commercial negotiation. To begin with, American businessmen are free to negotiate the rapid negotiation outcome. They do not pay attention to position, title and etiquette, the negotiation process does not focus on body language and posture, quickly cut to the chase. On the contrary, the Japanese negotiations nature is a very long time. They like to invite guests to drink tea several times before entering the topic. So that they can understand each other's ins and outs, like jobs, interests, background and so on. Japanese businessmen are typical Asian style, they are more cautious than people in other countries, strong, patient, confident, motivated and active. They do not easily show their attitude during the negotiations.Americans like to use humour in the negotiation process, but the Japanese are polite and courteous. When they disagree, Japanese always keep silence and smile. Even the other party has lost his temper, Japanese still keep smiling. In the eyes of Westerners, this is rude, and even contempt for himself, and Japanese is just trying to show the gentleman. All of these communication differences will be associated with specific examples in final report. 2.3 differences in Business Etiquette

Business etiquette is an important aspects in commercial activities, and Japan...
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