Differences Between England and Poland Education

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At the moment Polish system of education is being reformed. Here are a lot of questions without answers. In Poland children start education since the age of 3. It’s not an education as like in primary school but it’s a beggining. This kind of education is called Kindergarden. Children usuallyplay there. But it’s optional.

In comprarison to British education, Pole children go to Kindergardens one year later than their peer in Britain but thair have a choice what kind of Kindergarden they’ll go. Of course not children but their parents decide about it. They can make a decision wheter their kids will go to general or specialised kindergarden like music, art, languages etc. There are only general kindergardens in Great Britain.

In both of those countries there is a division into public & private education. Those divisions are applied from kindergardens to the Universities . Public sector is financed by Government & is meant for everyone but private education is meant only for the reach. Study there is very expensive. Learning at such private school is getting more & more expensive.

After optional kindergarden when kids are 7 years old, they must begin complusory education in primary school. Before the Educational Reforms children studied there from 7 to 15 years old. Before students started education in Technicum or Lyceum They usually wrote exams of polish & math. Passed exams gave an opportunity of entrening school. If students hadn’t pass exams or on the finish primary school had bad graduate they would start education in Basic vocational school. After this school they could work at their occupation or continue learning in complementary Lyceum. Basic vocational schools continued by 3 years plus 2 years of complementary Lyceum.

After unrefinded reform children go to a primary school at the age of 7 years old & stay there till 13. Next step of their education is competention’s test which condition entrance to 3 years gimnasium. If they pass it better...
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