Differences Between Denmark and the United States of America

Topics: United States, High school, Teacher Pages: 3 (989 words) Published: September 26, 2014
There are many cultural differences when coming to a new country, especially when being only fifteen. Arriving in a new country by yourself is scary, mostly when you do not know the culture, and more importantly, the language. In my first weeks of being here, I really did not notice the differences, but as the time goes on, I notice more and more.

One of the major differences noticeable is the Danish school systems, is in the U.S. you will not have a first-name relationship with your teacher. If you call a teacher by their first name, even if you have a close relationship with them outside of school, you will get yourself into trouble. You would address them as “Mr. Mrs. or Ms.” Another thing about American school, is we have a set schedule for everyday, from about eight in the morning to three in the afternoon. In Denmark, the school hours and schedule resemble that of a college schedule. If the teacher happens to be sick, of not able to make the class, you would have a substitute teacher, instead of having the class cancelled. In most schools, you would have gym one day, and a science lab the other day. This does not occur in Denmark because of the four period day, and having each class for an hour and a half instead of forty minutes. Computer usage in Denmark is substantially larger than in the U.S. Usually, computers are only used for projects that computers are absolutely needed for. If you bring your computer to class, have it out, and it is not requested that you bring it, that is also another way of getting into trouble. This also applies to cellphones. Cellphones are prohibited in my school except during the lunch break. In the U.S. cursing in the classroom is not acceptable. Occasionally if the teacher is using it as an example it is okay to then use it only if it applies to the lesson. I have noticed more and more throughout my elementary, middle, and high school years, cursing in the school setting has not been so looked down upon, but is still...
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