Differences between country and city living

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Do you want to live in country or city? These two options are very dissimilar, although in both you can learn a lot. These differences include style of living, benefits and social life. The first difference is style of living. In the city, the buildings are high and land is scarce and expensive, so city people have to build many houses in a small space. Also, there are buildings with many houses on top of each other. In contrast, in the country, the houses tend to be for a family as there are more houses that are built on the ground next to each other. Another difference between city and country living are the benefits. In the city there are more services offered of all kinds, including the entertainment. Compared with the country where services are limited and there are fewer people, there are often fewer services. In the cities, there are many more benefits than a people who live in the country, such as career advancement opportunities. Work is concentrated in trades such as fishing, farming, mining and timber. While in the city, there are very many different types areas of work and a person can perform many trades. The last difference is the social life. The social life in the city is very diverse because it has many options. Young people have friends getting together to go to the movies, to go to dancing or to play sports. Children have opportunities to shave whit classmates, going to the park, to the movies and playing at home. On the contrary, the children’s country plays in the river with animals and with the few neighbors who have around your farm. In conclusion, both the life of the country as well as the city have something that attracts and somewhat discouraging. It is not easy to say which is the best or the worst place to live all depends that you want to make and that type of life you want to lead.
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