Differences between Colonial France and England

Topics: Monarchy, United Kingdom, Constitutional monarchy Pages: 1 (379 words) Published: February 2, 2012
Colonial America was a very troubling and dangerous place, but these two chief countries were sought in on their ways. Those core values helped catapult them into the new world in search of freedom, food, and a source of income. England and France were two dominant countries, nonetheless they had their differences socially, economically, and politically which propelled them towards the new world. When the two nations began permanently settling in the new world the French colonies treated the native races with great diplomacy, whereas the British and British colonies early on began treating natives as savages and lesser creatures. In the streets of England they faced a huge problem, Overcrowding. The people of England would dump their waste out on the street and there was no sewage system. The same was true in Paris but France was much larger and there was more room for people to vacate Paris and inhabit other parts of the countryside. Only monarchies that succeeded in building a secure financial system that was not dependent on the support of noble estates. The French Monarchy succeeded in providing the necessary funds, supplies, and goods to their colonies and their homeland. However, the English monarchy that tolerated religious freedom to a certain extent ended up failing while providing for their colonies and homeland. During the 17th century, France and England moved in two very different political directions. England had developed into a constitutional monarchy with a policy of religious toleration. On the other hand, France had formed an Absolutist Form of Central Government which didn’t support any other religion except Roman Catholicism. In England, parliamentary government was the result of the efforts of the English to protect their concerns and limit the power of the Monarchy to interfere with life on the local level. Under Louis 14th he eventually concluded that the best way to secure their own interests was to support the Monarchy. In contrast,...
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