Differences Between Candian and Pakistani Culture

Topics: Culture, Divorce, Value Pages: 3 (1154 words) Published: December 16, 2012
Respect is a major element of our cultural values. In Pakistan, children are taught to respect their parents, teachers and elders throughout their upbringing. By the time they reach the age of maturity, respecting people around them becomes a major aspect of their personality; whereas in Canada respect seems to be slowly disappearing from their culture. Their children are given too much of freedom at a very small age. Children over there are given the authority to report their parent’s unnecessary strict behavior to the police and be taken away from them. This power that their children are given at a very small age somehow reduces the level of respect they have for their parents or which their parents deserve. Leaving your parents on the mercy of old age homes is a very common practice over there. Once a person gets self-dependent he just leaves his parent’s house and gets shifted to a new one and everyone thinks its okay. In Pakistan, any person who engages in such behavior is considered ill-mannered and such acts are seen as unethical and immoral. We are supposed to respect our parents at all times, even if they are extremely controlling and sons live with their parents and take care of them when they are old and weak because that’s what is the right thing to do. Our parents spend their whole lives working really hard so that they could give us a good standard of life so when they are old and weak it’s our responsibility to ensure that they spend a happy and peaceful life. I have spent a good part of my life learning to treat my parents with love and respect and I would retain this very strong cultural value of Pakistan. Teachers in our culture are also given a lot of respect. According to Pakistani culture teachers play an important role in shaping a child’s personality and career so they deserve a great deal of respect from them ; whereas in Canada people’s opinions differ in this matter. In Canada teachers are made fun of behind their backs and are obeyed...
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