Differences between Athens and Sparta

Topics: Sparta, Democracy, 5th century BC Pages: 1 (432 words) Published: October 15, 2014
Differences Between Athens and Sparta
Athens and Sparta, were quite different in many ways. The main differences between the two cities were their governments, education systems, people’s rights and childcare. The Spartans had a very different view on how their city should be run compared to the Athenians, their education systems taught the children of their cities completely different things, the Spartans being much more military-based and the Athenians being focused on the arts. The people of the two cities were entitled to very different rights too, for both men and women. The Spartan government as an oligarchy, which is a government “ruled by the few.” The Greek words “oligos,” translates to “few”, and “archia,” means “rule.” They had two kings, who passed down the crowns to their sons; five Ephors, who were elected annually; and a Council of Elders made up of twenty-eight men over the age of sixty. The Athenian government on the other hand was completely different, they ruled the city with the world's first direct democracy. Democracy means “power to the people.” This comes from the words “demos,” meaning people and “kratos,” meaning power. Athens had a direct democracy, not a representative democracy. During a child's upbringing, at birth if a Spartan baby had a physical defect they were left to die. If they passed the inspection they were then bathed in wine instead of water and left alone in the darkness to cry, in the belief that it would encourage them to become a strong warrior. The Spartan males are taken away from their families at the age of seven and sent off to begin the 'agoge, to prove their bravery and become a 'true warrior' whereas Athenian children continue in school learning the various different arts. The girls were not considered as important as the boys so they did not attend any education but if the girl's mother had a good education then their learning would continue in their homes. Sparta was the first to introduce people's rights...
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