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Differences Between Libraries and Internet:

Why are libraries often viewed as inferior to the Internet?
-Missing Books/Not
-Libraries impose physical barriers on knowledge

Differences Between Libraries and Internet:

-Copyright protection of records
-Free “fair use” of records by everyone
-Access limitations: limit what types of material, who can view, where the material can be viewed. -Cyberspace, copyright material always costs you as an individual user -Library, information freely available to all visitors

-Libraries have greater access to resources than the Internet!

-Format of the Information that they offer:
-Book vs. Screens, Books are easier to read.
-Websites: audio, email, video=NOT CONDUCIVE for engaging intensely with knowledge. -The Internet does not register new knowledge faster than the library does. DON’T BE DECIEVED!

Subject Searching vs. Google Searching

-Google: any sort of text arranged by keyword mechanisms
Weighted counts of the frequency of word appearances and not by conceptual ideas Any and all contexts show up
You don’t acquire a set of sources
Keywords from myriads of texts with lots of irrelevant contexts Hit and miss, time consuming, needles in a haystack.
If you don’t know your topic, how can you identify it to research it? Ex: 15 million hits for melancholy


*****Efficient and Deliberate Categorizing of Books by Subject vs. Ranking Algorithms of Keywords

Difficult about using the library catalogue: Determining the right subject heading to use? The library has been designed through subject headings to help researchers find what they are looking for by providing the researcher with consistent terms. Started by Library of Congress, the worlds largest library, has taken leadership in this area over the decades. Many large academic use these books.

Uniform Heading: so many synonyms= someone makes an arbitrary word=act of judgment. Cataloguers choose one of many acceptable terms.

Subject Headings: 20% rule: cataloguers use a heading for 20% of a books content. Generally a maximum of six headings is appropriate. In special situations more headings may be required. When given a choice between specific or general headings available, cataloguers will choose the specific heading available at the LCSH list. Researches will miss most of the best material without knowing it b/c they usually stop with their initial pool of general sources.

NUMBER ONE: Go after NT (narrower term)

NUMBER TWO: Looks for narrower terms that are alphabetically adjacent to your starting point in the LCSH

NUMBER THREE: Within the library catalogue itself, look for a subject string. Look at the LCSH online catalogue.

NUMBER FOUR: Within the library catalogue look at the subject heading possibilities.

9 Methods of subject searching in the library:

1. Controlled Vocabulary Searching: Subject Headings and the Library Catalog. 2. Use of Subject-Classified Bookstacks: General or Focused Browsing PR, PN (classical lit) PQ, PB –organized by content, subjects, ideas – 3. Key word Searching

4. Citation Searching
5. Related Record Searching
6. Use of Published bibliographies
7. Boolean Combination Searching—integrate all the research options! 8. People Sources for Subject Expertise
9. Types of Literature Searching

How do you start a New Topic??

-Find an overview article that outlines the terrain: concise list of history of topic. Get to know the reference section of the library (behind the page break) -Specialized encyclopedia/dictionaries=short introduction articles.

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