Difference of Modernism and Post Modernism

Topics: Modernism, Art, Postmodernism Pages: 3 (934 words) Published: May 4, 2004
Modernism and Post Modernism

Have you ever wondered what the differences are between the modernism and post modernism? It seems like it would be easy to describe what they are by the words and what they are usually associated with. Yet, it's actually a lot different then your thinking. Modernism is the movement in visual arts, music, literature, and drama, which rejected the old Victorian standards of how art should be made, consumed, and what it should mean. Modernists want the absolute truth in everything. While on the other hand, Post Modernism is relating to, or being any of several movements (as in art, architecture, or literature) that are reactions against the philosophy and practices of modern movements and are marked by revival of traditional elements. By explaining a few things in detail I hope to show you a few things in contrast between the two in order to help you understand better.

If modernists want the absolute truths in everything, do you think the human body would be something to work on? If you look in chapter thirty-four on pg. 871, you see figure 34.2 Fit for Active Service. What is going on in this drawing you might ask? Well it looks as though the fat German doctor is pointing out something to perfect with the skeleton. As you read through the text that describes what is being done it points to the army doctor pronouncing the skeletal cadaver "O.K.", hence, fit to serve in combat. The panel to the time to bring a skeletal cadaver in and figure out what would be good for the war and combat on the human body. Definitely looking for the flaws and how to perfect them to make themselves stronger. There seems to be no need for mistake in what they are doing and proceeding this way will fix any misconceptions they may have with the human body and war combat.

A man once lived by the name of Wilfred Owen and he wrote of the waste of human life and resources in the events of war. He also felt that is was overly barbaric to involve oneself with...
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