Difference of hero and saint

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The hero vs saint is something I initially thought I could differentiate easily. I initially believed it to be either a person who lives life to the fullest day to day without any thought of what happens after death which would be the hero, or someone who lives life by a certain set of standards and sacrifices certain things for the sole purpose of something promised after death. After listening to Professor Ambrosio’s lectures and some discussion I have found that I wasn’t exactly correct in my initial thinking and that it isn’t exactly what I thought.

Initially my thought on the hero was that they would be a selfish person just living for themselves and their own glory. I have found that this is not true at all. While the glory part I believe is somewhat true it is not for selfish reasons but for a sense of accomplishment. Yes a hero does things for glory, however it is for reasons which better the world around them. They also do things because it is the logical and fair thing to do. In other words the hero uses his head and not so much his heart when dealing with issues.

I believed at first that to be a saint must mean someone who is very religious. I have found that is also an incorrect thought. I was thinking too literally about the word saint and let my own religious beliefs cloud my thought process and gave me tunnel vision. While someone who is very religious probably does lean toward the saint view it does not mean someone who is not very religious cannot also lean towards the saint view on life. A saint is someone with a huge heart and uses it along with compassion and love to make decisions and lead them through life.

I believe most of us live somewhere in between saints and heroes. I do not believe that someone has to choose one side over the other and I believe that in most cases it is better to live somewhere in between. However I do feel that on certain occasions we must choose between them and either make a decision based on...
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