Difference of entrepreneurship between USA and Tunisia

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Entrepreneurship & Small Firm essay

The United-States Tunisia

The simple evocation of Facebook, Groupon, Apple, Microsoft or Hewlett-Packard recalls how the United States is a favourable land to entrepreneurship, and entrepreneurship that revolutionize entire sectors of the economy. The United States has colossal references, such as the legendary Silicon Valley, or Boston, the city of New York and North Carolina are great catalysts for entrepreneurs and young companies. This reality provides to the U.S. the strengths to attract large-scale projects. Spring Arab events happened in Tunisia then in others parts of the Middle-East and in the North of Africa (MENA). They showed the degree of toughness where the young unemployed were. Tunisia, like the other countries of MENA’s regions, faces to the unemployment since a long time, and especially for the recent graduates. Graduates with tertiary education have an averaged unemployment rate significantly higher than the general population and duration to access to employment is even longer: One, The United States, is simply the world 's largest single national economy. The other, Tunisia, is in developing process. Apparently, there is a huge gap between those two countries way of leading the entrepreneurship:
What could be the factors that influence the entrepreneurship activity in the United States and in Tunisia, and what are the differences of entrepreneurship between those two countries?
This first part of this essay will cover the differences of entrepreneurship between the United States of America and Tunisia. Then, the second part will cover the factors that influence the level of entrepreneurship activity in those two countries.

Differences of entrepreneurship

The year 2012 was marked by a strong entrepreneurial optimism in the United States. Most of Americans believed there was good opportunities for launching businesses Entrepreneurship in the United

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