Difference in Male and Female Speech

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To what extent do we agree that there are differences in ‘male’ and ‘female’ speech?

Ever since time began, men and women have been perceived differently socially, intellectually and emotionally. Men are perceived to be strong, dependable, responsible, dominant and are providers while women are perceived to be fragile, nurturers, subordinate and compassionate. Men ventured into the jungles with fellow men to hunt for food and made shelter while women gathered vegetables and fruit, bore and raised children.

As the years went by, the gender roles slowly evolved. Now, there are equal rights, equal value, equal opportunity and equal respect for both parties. We may refuse to believe this and a person would find these gender roles stereotypical but, all these attributes reflect how men and women behave and speak. They learn to speak differently, use words, grammar and intonation differently. Culture plays an important part in our day to day communication with other people. We were taught how to react and respond accordingly, boys are being taught how to speak with masculinity and girls are being taught how to speak femininely.

Where everything is different

Men use speech and language to communicate facts and data, gain and maintain an audience, they are direct to the point, uses insistent and demanding speech patterns, they raise their volume for emphasis and recognition. They want to get the job done precisely and as quick as possible, they are specific, are aware of their word selections and they are more likely to change the subject/topic during a conversation. There is also signs of mumblings and cutting of sentences and words. We notice them talking more about work, sports, politics, facts and the economy. They rely on nonverbal communication and are less likely to verbalize feelings. Men’s speech is action and goal-oriented. Men are more competitive during conversations with fellow men, and even with the opposite sex, like interrupting when...
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