Difference Between Online Learning and Classroom Learning

Topics: Want, Need, Lebanon, Tennessee Pages: 1 (478 words) Published: February 12, 2013
In Marion, at my parents house, they gave me a place to stay with a roof over my head, they back me on what I do everyday. They do things around the house to let me have time for my schooling, doing homework, and studies. It happened in August, of 2012, when I was staying with friends and they got evicted, and I had no other place to live. I was talking to Judy and she said I was not sleeping under a bridge, for me to come and stay with her and my father and help them out since they have had heart attacks and need someone to help them out. Judy is backing me on going to church and doing my college classes, she is the one who said for me to come and stay at their place to help them. Me having to sleep under a bridge in the cold really worried me. But I want to thank GOD for leading me to help and stay at my parents. I also want to thank GOD for the other people in my life to that wants to back me on my schooling and going to church.

Pastor Bud got me to see that GOD had something big for me and I finally went and got my blessing from GOD. Pastor Bud has helped me though a lot here in the past few months and I want to thank him a lot for what he has done for me. I want to thank Wendell and Judy Moore, for letting me stay with them and I do a lot for them in return. I make sure they get to their doctors appointments and make their meals since they are on a special diet. I have came a long way since I have been with them and I love them a lot. Melody Shurtleff, I can say she has push me to my limit about me going to school and staying in church. I want to thank Melissa

Bishop, for making sure I get things done when I need to. And, Robert Mills, for giving me time away from him to do my schoolwork and church and to do my studies for college courses.

I want to thank the special people that has been there for me. I do not think there is any words that can describe what they have done for me. All I can do is finish and show them I can...
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