Difference Between Logical & Physical Design

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During systems analysis and design phase of our online training and testing project we have created the following policies, procedures, and process flow diagrams in order to meet the business needs of our customers.

Training Policy
University Medical Center is committed to providing the education needed for staff to perform the duties required to support the organization's mission. Each staff member will complete mandatory organization wide training and job specific training modules. New hires will complete the required training within 60 days of being hired. Annually, each staff member will repeat mandatory training modules and demonstrate proficiency. Failure to complete mandatory training prior to the staff member's annual performance evaluation will result in any merit pay increase to be delayed until the mandatory requirements are met. Failure to meet the mandatory training requirements will result in disciplinary action.

Human Resources will be responsible for enrolling new staff members in mandatory orientation and training modules. The staff member's supervisor is responsible to enroll staff members in department specific orientation and training. Each staff member is responsible for enrolling and completing the annual mandatory requirements.

Online self-learning modules will be scheduled and accessed through the UMC Intranet. Each self-learning module will have a post-test to be completed online. The results of each post-test are reported to the staff member's supervisor. The staff member is required to document all training on the Individual Core Competency Summary (ICCS) that will be turned into Human Resources with the employee's annual evaluation.

All training courses offered are available on the UMC Intranet under Education and training. This web site will be the detail out the corporate training requirements. This site is updated as the corporate business needs change and new educational programs become available....
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