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difference between highschool and college

By gmk04378a Apr 28, 2014 868 Words
Gavin Klauser
ENG101/MW 9:30-10:45/ Rittof
C-C Final draft
LC: 63
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Graduating from high school and college are both big check points in one’s life. Most everyone goes through the transition from high school to college and most will say it was a big change. High school and college are what make up our system of education and can be easily compared and contrasted. High school and college are alike but different when it comes to the level of work, how students interact, and the attitude of the teaching staff.

High school and college both have a set curriculum you must follow in order to graduate. Everyone starts as freshman in both high school and college; it is the starting line for every student in the race to graduation. It starts off easy as a freshman and towards the end of the year the teaching staff gears the students up for a tougher more challenging upcoming year as the student’s transition from freshman to sophomores. As the years go on the work increases and the curriculum gets tougher. Most college students will tell you that they have written more than one paper in high school but not to the extent of a college paper. The level of work juristically changes when a student transitions from high school to college. When in high school a student really has no reason for their GPA to drop below a 2.5, the classes are fairly easy unless of course the student is in honors classes or precollege courses. The homework is fairly easy and not much time has to be spent on it during high school. College on the other hand can be fairly stressful when it comes to homework, a big reason why is because the amount of work is almost doubled when attending college. Most college students live on their own while also working, these stresses on top of homework can be a whole new stress for students that they have never experienced before. For most students who transition from high school to college the work is one of the biggest changes.

How students interact in high school and college is also very similar. Most students first meet each other through sports or other extracurricular activities such as band or drama club. Most students attending high school and college participate in at least one extracurricular activity or another. Teens attending high school and college also tend to enjoy social interaction with other teens who share the same interests. Students shape themselves into who they will become as adults during high school and college and interacting with their peers from school is a major part of shaping oneself. In high school most students have known each other for a while most have even gone to elementary school with each other since kindergarten, and because of this reason most students feel more comfortable interacting with each other in a high school class room than in a college class at first. This obviously does not stop students from interacting with each other in a college setting but it may make things a little awkward at first to walk into a class full of people a student has never met before. Entering a class full of students one has never met before at a new college is comparable to walking into kindergarten for the time but without mom holding your hand and you the student being more aware of the awkward tension in the room.

The attitude of the teaching staff during high school and college is easily comparable. Almost every single teacher from kindergarten to graduating college all have the same mind set of loving to teach and educating their students. Most students would say they have yet to meet a teacher who has not wanted to help them succeed in the race to graduation.

Although most teachers no matter if they are teaching in a college or high school setting wants to help their students, there is a difference in the teaching methods and how they communicate. During high school a student attends the same class’s every day of the week and it is easy to communicate and convey a problem to the teacher during class. In college however the classes a spread throughout the week and a student may not see a teacher for a number of days, the best known way of communication with teachers in the college world is through e-mail. In high school students tend to feel closer to their teachers as well when compared to a college professor. Students in high school spend more time at school than they do at home with their parents, in college that is not the case.

Although high school and college are what make up our system of education and can be easily comparable, the differences in the two are very visible. Graduating from either one of these institutions is a big step in a student’s life, but graduating from college is an even bigger step not only because it is harder than high school but because of all the changes a student must also over come when taking on the big task of obtaining a college degree.

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