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Difference Between High School and College

By laurenjyc14 May 07, 2013 647 Words
Lauren Joyce
Mrs. Castore
WRT 040

There are many differences between high school and college. Majority of the students don’t prepare themselves for the drastic change. Because students don’t prepare themselves a lot of them undergo stress which forces them to repeat courses, fail or drop out. Some of the differences include finances, social aspect and schedules. There are financial differences between high school and college. In high school I didn’t have to pay for classes, transportation and books. But in college this differs, college students must work and take out student loans just to pay for classes and books. For example, I wasn’t approved for financial aid and had to pay out of pocket over two thousand dollars for three classes. Tuition is extremely expense, and seems to be raising every semester when I go to register. With tuition increasing I have to work a full time job. This is very difficult sometimes especially around mid-terms and finals. It causes a lot of stress trying to juggle all the things required and study especially when I take several courses a semester. Transportation is also different between high school and college. High school buses are provided to students. In senior year, a high school student could drive to school if they had their own car. The majority of kids ride the bus. In college I need to have my own car which include the expenses of a loan payment, maintenance, car insurance and gas. Another difference between high school and college is the social aspect. In high school, I went to classes with people that I had been enrolled with since kindergarten. For example, in high school I had friends that I saw every day and attend social activities such as prom or after school functions. When I attended high school there were a lot more “clicks”. Students stuck with people that liked or agreed on the same topics. In college I don’t know who is in my classes. Also, students I feel have grown out of the concept of only surrounding themselves with people that have the same views. Students in college much like myself, have matured and realized there is more out there, then something they thought was important in high school. In college when I go to register for the following semester and I meet a new friend. Next semester chances are we probably won’t be in the same classes unless we have the same major. Finally, a difference between high school and college are schedules. High school guidance counselors told me what classes I needed to attend to graduate. College is very different because I can choose from so many courses depending on my major. Also when I attended high school I went during the day and left at 2pm. In college, they offer classes’ at all different times. College accommodates those that work during the day and those that don’t. Classes are offered throughout the day, nights and weekends. Also, if I needed extra help in a high school subject teachers were always available after school. Many times if I forgot to hand in a homework I had to stay post session. College is so different. Usually, I can hand in the homework late for a lower grade. However, it is my responsibility to make sure I turn in all of my assignments. College and high school are so very different. I had not realized how different high school and college are until I experienced it myself. I realize that u have to be prepared for college and take responsibility for yourself to be successful or won’t succeed. Some of the differences include, schedules transportation, social aspects, finances. College has taught me a lot about having growing up and prepared me for the challenges of the real world. It is so different from my high school experience.

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