Difference between God and humanity

Topics: Universe, God, Creation myth Pages: 3 (1214 words) Published: December 3, 2013
There are many differences between God and humanity, the first being that God is immaterial, whereas humans are not. Aristotle aids us in explaining this with his creation of the Prime Mover. Whilst the Prime Mover is not a creator, does not respond to prayer and does not get involved in human lives, it does share a few characteristics with God. According to Aristotle the Prime Mover is the universal function (like God is to Christians). The Prime Mover is also immaterial, unchanging and pure actuality, much like God. Many Christian philosophers such as Aquinas use the idea of Aristotle’s Prime Mover to help explain God. However, this theory helps us to define the difference between God and humanity. For example, a baby has the potentiality to grow into an adult, whereas God does not have potentiality at all, God is pure actuality. If God is supposedly eternal, then it makes it almost impossible for humans and God to be alike because humans grown and change and eventually die. However, this opinion has flaws because some people (mainly Christians) would argue that there is an afterlife, and therefore we do live on eternally just like God. The problem with God being immaterial is that we cannot see her; therefore she is not factual, whereas humans can be seen and tested empirically.

God and humans beings have some things in common, if you want to look at it from a Christian’s perspective the both God and humans have a spirit. The difference between us is that God has a perfect, glorified ‘body’, whereas ours is mortal and imperfect. Also God cannot die whereas we can. We live in a world of finite things. Everything around us has a beginning and an end. There is truly no arguing this. Some people may say that for this to exist, there has to be some supernatural, infinite being. Whether you want to call it "God" or not, there has to be something that was there in the beginning. In this sense, then humans are similar to God. However, God was not created itself,...
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