Difference between Collection behavior and social movement

Topics: Social movement, Hosni Mubarak, Police Pages: 3 (868 words) Published: October 25, 2013
What is the difference between collective behavior and social movement? How would you describe the Jan 25th events in Egypt?
Answer through one of the sociological perspectives.

Collective behavior describes the actions, thoughts and feelings of a relatively temporary and unstructured group of people. In contrast, a social movement is a large ongoing group of people engaged in organized behavior designed to bring about or resist change in society. I believe the Jan 25th Egyptian Revolution started out as a collective behavior but eventually became a revolutionary social movement.

Through Neil Smelser’s Structural Stress Theory, the revolution can be described as a collective behavior through the theory’s six conditions. Structural conduciveness occurred when opposition groups planned a day of revolt on 25 January, coinciding with the National Police Day. The purpose was to protest against abuses by the police in front of the Ministry of Interior. These demands extended to include the resignation of the Minister of Interior, the restoration of a fair minimum wage, and term limits for the president. The use of blogging and social media urged people not to be afraid and to join the revolt. Also, The Facebook group that was set up for the event attracted 80,000 attendees. Social strain occurred for many reasons. Egyptians opposed inheritance of power when there was speculation that Gamal Mubarak, son of the former Egyptian President, would elect himself as president. There has also been a history of police brutality in Egypt. Evidence has been found proving the existence of torture and abuse carried out by the police. Corruption among government officials and in government elections also provided motive for the revolutions. Lack of freedom of speech has also been an incentive for the revolt. There has been growth and spread of a generalized belief that the country is run by fraudulent people that are bringing down the country through police brutality, state of...
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