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Difference Between Catholic Baptist and Pentacostal

By obissy Jul 26, 2010 684 Words
The Difference in denominations
If my truth says that your truth is a lie is your truth still true? This question has been asked since the beginning of time especially when it comes to religion. In this day and age there are so many type of religion, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, and whatever Tom Cruise claims he is, but our focus will be on Christianity. When it comes to Christianity here in America, there are the big 3; Roman Catholics Church, Baptist Church, and Pentecostal Church. Today we shall take a deeper look into each denomination and find out what make each one unique in its own way. To begin with, the first difference between the Catholic and both Baptist and Pentecostal churches is, in the Catholic Church, Communion is usually offered at every mass while Baptists and Pentecostal churches rarely take communion. When they do, it’s only on special occasions, such as for Christmas or Easter.  At some churches it is taken every few months, or quarterly. Roman Catholic Mass last less than 1/2 hour in length Baptist services are usually 1 to 1-1/2 hours in length.  Catholics believe if you are baptized you go to purgatory then to heaven.   Catholics also believe in prayer to Mary and the Saints. They believe the Mary intercedes for them. They believe in pray with a rosary and other prayer objects. Catholics believe in the Roman Catholic Bible and the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church and of the Pope Catholics believe in the mediation of Roman Catholic priests. What separates them from all other denomination is their cross still has Jesus on it whereas the other denomination doesn’t. Pentecostals try to follow the bible. So in a Pentecostal Church you would find that the women would have long hair, no makeup or jewelry and were long skirts. The men would have on a suite and have short hair with no jewelry also. A lot of time in many other Christian churches they don't really mind what you were. Also They way that Pentecostals worship the lord is very different in the way that it is very out there, you can jump, roll run, cry, scream, speak in Tongues lift your hands. Whatever you feel like God has called you to do.. Pentecostal is actually a reference to the individual, who has been born again and received the baptism of the Holy Spirit, which Pentecostals believe is evidenced by speaking in tongues. They define speaking in tongues as uttering sounds which are not in any human language, but they are considered the language of angels. It is also used as a reference to their churches.   Today's Baptist Churches have somewhat varying beliefs, especially in minor points, since they do not have a central governing authority. Overall they share major theological beliefs with other moderate or conservative Christian organizations. They believe in one God, the Holy Trinity, virgin birth of Jesus Christ, His sinless life, miracles, atoning death, bodily resurrection, and need for salvation, grace and evangelism. Baptists believe that all matters of Faith come from our understanding of God through the Holy Spirit helping us interpret the Bible. Baptist also believes that God’s children do receive revelation, understanding, or prophesy. Baptists believe that you must be saved to go to heaven. Baptists are as a rule, more laid back than Pentecostals. The Pentecostal church sing more choruses and the Baptist church sing more songs from the hymnal. Pentecostals faint in the spirit, Baptists do not.

In conclusion, we look at who is to say which denomination is right; who is to say what truth is true. When everything is all said and done, to praise and worship God is what we were put on this earth to do and how you go about it, is your own business. Most people have no idea what makes their denomination special, but after looking at the Roman Catholic Church, The American Baptist Church and The Modern Pentecostal Churches and their beliefs, you should be more enlightened about all three.

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