Difference and Technology

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There is many technology in our life that is important. Technology has become part of our life. In an essay I am going to write about technology before 10 years and after. There are differences and similarities between them like transport, electricity and contact.

There are some similarities between technology before 10 years and after. The first similarity is that there are televisions everywhere. For example, houses, offices and universities. Televisions were available for almost all people .They were not very expensive .Televisions have many channels. The important thing is to take us to the places is transport. There are many car models like Mercedes, Roll Reyes, and Toyota .These cars use gasoline to run. Also electricity is important before 10 years and now. People need it for everything in their lives such as washing, cooking, cleaning and lightening. There are many ways in which people contact between. For instance, there are mobile phones, e-mails, text messages and internet. It was easy for everybody to contact with each other due to these means of contact.

Although there are some similarities, there are some important differences. The first difference is that television takes up too much room. It was very heavy and not easy to be carried from room to room. It is the design is not as beautiful as it is today. It was box shaped but now it comes in different shapes and designs it is also thinner and has a flat screen. Some televisions nowadays use a new tech that is the third dimension which gives the viewers a better view to watch and enjoy the channels. Also you can see now there are many different ways to transport in many places and difference countries. There are cars, airplane and trains.

In the past there are not as many ways of transport. 10 years ago there were many cars and buses. We can see the electricity is very important in our life in many ways. 10 years ago the electricity did not work as well....
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