Diferences in the 16th century

Topics: United States, Native Americans in the United States, English Reformation Pages: 4 (1081 words) Published: September 28, 2014
Nicole Braner
The Spanish and English started to settle in America in the 17th century. In the 17th century, the new world was developing and changing very frequently. The Spanish southwest and the New England colonies were different in their ways of economy and their thoughts on religion but the Spanish and English both came to discover the new world of North America. The Spanish of the Southwest and the English of New England colonies were different in terms of their way of economy. The Puritans were forced to subsistence farm because of the rocky soil. The Puritans really used trading of fur, fish, and cotton products as their main income. The Puritans almost exclusively trade goods with Britain. The Puritans became wealthy from trade with both their colonial neighbors and other nations such as The Netherlands and France. Britain started to realize that the British wanted some of the wealth the Puritans were receiving from trade. So the British decided to create the Navigation Acts which required the goods to be transported on English ships. Also the act stated that the Puritans could not trade with the nations outside of England or its colonies and it required that all colonial products must be shipped to England where the people who wanted to trade would be taxed before being sent to non-English destinations. The Puitans lived by the Proestant wok ehic which was when hard work led o success. This cut into the Puritans income which did not make the Puritans happy. The Puitans lived by the Proestant wok ehic which was when hard work led to success. While the Puritans were very much into trade, the Spanish also used a mercantilism system. The mercantilism system regulated trade to enrich the mother countries. According to Spanish policy, colonial lands could not compete with Spain in commercial enterprises. Thus, colonials were prohibited from manufacturing wine, olive oil, and other items. Colonies were encouraged to develop mining, in order to supply Spain...
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