Diferences in Intercity School Systems

Topics: Education, Teacher, School Pages: 1 (379 words) Published: November 16, 2008
In believe that there is a big difference in inter-city school systems and rural school systems. The reason that I say that is because there are a lot of different issues that arise in each type of school. In the city there are a lot more gang related activities where as there may not be as much of a problem in rural school systems. Also I believe that the teachers teach and treat students differently depending on the environment that they are teaching in. There may also be problems with school funding and other issues that my lead to some of the problems.

Inter-city schools have a much larger problem with gang related issues compared to rural school. This may be an issue for students receiving education and that want to learn. One reason for me saying that is because students may have more pressure in making life decisions and may not choose the correct path in life and may slack on getting a proper education. Secondly if students that try to do their best cant do well because of distractions due to peer pressure in the fact that they may be called losers for trying their best.

I think that teachers play the biggest part in a student getting education. The reason that I say this is because a teacher that cares is a teacher that can get the point across to the class body. Also a teacher that has less students is a teacher that can give students more one on one time in learning so they can better understand the topic. Sometimes the way that the students treat the teacher plays a big part in the way that the teacher thinks about the students and may perhaps put the teacher in a better mood to teach.

School funds are starting to be a big issue in todays school systems. There have been a lot of teachers going on strike and allot of studentst that have not been able to play sports that they would like to play. In the big citys where the property value is lower than a rural area the teachers aren’t able to be paid as well, therefore giving them less of an...
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