Dieting Makes People Fat

Topics: Nutrition, Obesity, Dieting Pages: 2 (683 words) Published: September 8, 2013
The Green coffee diet, The Beverly Hills diet, and The Junk food diet are several types of diets that numerous people use today. Whether reasonable diets or radical diets, we could say we’ve tried them all. Although, how is it that we’re still trying to lose weight we should have lost on the first attempt? That can be easily answered, dieting makes people fat. According to Wendy Oliver-Pyatt, “They aren’t telling you that diets replace muscle with fat and often make you gain weight”. Food is basically what and how you eat; however, today when we think of dieting, strict healthy eating for weight loss comes to mind. Today, there are many of Americans who are obese, “A recent survey showed that 55 percent of all Americans are overweight, 22 percent of them falling into the category obese” (Jensen, 1). This obesity epidemic in America can be blamed on various things. In fact Wendy Oliver-Pyatt goes on to say that, “The diet pushers don’t have to tell you these facts because it’s not their goal to make you attractive, healthy, or happy. It’s their goal to get rich” (Oliver-Pyatt, 30). This explains why the result everyone wants to see when dieting never occurs. Money is always the motivation in these diet organizations. If actual dieting companies had dieting techniques that truly worked they would not profit because everyone using them would become healthy and not need to return. If dieting worked every one of us would not have weight issues today. We would not be jumping from diet to diet if we had the results they all promise us; whether on billboards, television commercials, or advertisements on the web. Bernard Jensen believes that, “Many Americans haven’t been taught how to organize or even think about their food intake in terms of healthy life”; which gives dieting companies more control on us, persuading us to join them and finally be the healthy people we want to be. They just take advantage of us, feeding us whatever they want, so that our...

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