Dieting Makes People Fat

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I am a regular person , who needs a job because I am a university student and I can’t continue my education and have my degrees without a job , to continue paying money for the university , I hope you’ll pay attention to my C.V. and read it and take it seriously, Thank you… -Personal information:

* Name : Patrick
* Last name : Geha
* Father’s name : Yaacoub
* Date of birth : 5/1/1992
* Address : Byblos –street-13 /Mr. Samir Toulani building -4th floor * Phone number : 00961 70238598
* E-mail _ address :
* BT: 2009-2011 architect
At Edde Technical School –Byblos/edde

* BS : 1st year interior design -2012-2013
At AUT –Halat-Campus
-Work Experience:
* Architectural office -2011/2012
Company name: Jean Khoury Development
Work place: Byblos
Work time: part time job
-I was working as a trainer architect in the office and foreman It was a great job for me but I had to leave it after a year because of my university Schedule .
* Restaurants Singer
Company name: I was on my own
Work place: all Lebanon’s restaurants
Work time: week-ends only and holly days
-it’s my dream work but it’s not easy to continue without a big budget I didn’t stop I am just taking a break to get some money and I’ll go back to be singer again.

* Languages : -Arabic
-French (fluent)
-English (fluent)
I can speak ,write and understand those three languages .
* Software : -Microsoft office word
-Microsoft office Excel
-AutoCAD 2D – 3D
* Reading
* Singing
* Jogging
* Swimming
* Listen to music
* Social activities
* Drawing
Available upon request, Thank you.

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