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2 Many people around the world concern the health problems caused by obesity and they try different methods such as avoid eating junk food or exercising to curb their calorie intake and maintain body weight. One method is popular among those who think avoid eating junk food and exercising are not much efficacious as ineffective, that is dieting. It is also considered to be the fastest way to lose weight compared with the above two methods. Dieting is a practice of eating specific food in certain amount or eating less food that is adopted by the eater in order to lose weight or maintain weight. While many people adopt dieting as a fast and effective way to lose weight or burn fat, dieting can make people fat. <In a 2007 UCLA research study, lead researcher Traci Mann revealed what many involved with all natural health have been saying for years. If you go on a diet you’ll actually gain more weight back than if you had never dieted at all. The research made a conclusion by saying “We found that the majority of people regained all the weight plus more,” Mann stated. In fact, 66% of the participants gained back more weight than they lost.> <UCLA researchers analyzed 31 long term diet studies and found that the biggest predictor of long term weight gain was if the subject had been on a diet at some point in the past. So basically, if people are dieted, it is possible that they gain weight long term. One study they analyzed, where dieters were followed for 2 years, showed that 83% of dieters ended up heavier than when they started their diet.> Most people do lose some weights in the beginning of dieting, after a period of time they go off the diet and turn back to their normal diet, eventually they become even fatter than before. It is because human body cannot adapt to such switch change in diet, therefore it absorbs more nutrients in the normal diet than it used to absorb in dieting....
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